Thursday, November 10, 2005

SuperCat photo session

Oh, um, we forgot to post the photos from Halloween. Overall, I have to say the experience was not that bad. I really liked my costume. At least this is what I told myself while I posed for the photos and secretly plotted my revenge. If you read the Hairball Score just below on October 31st, you'll know how I seek my revenge. Oh yes. Revenge.

Oh wait, is that meowing I hear? Is someone meowing for help? Nope, just a cat food commercial. HISSS!

Check out my cape. Groovy. Meanwhile, I'm trying to decide if I need to do any more licking to make hairball or if I have enough fur built up.

Damn, I'm gorgeous!

Just look at me!!

After the photo session I got some good pets in.

I layed around for a while with my SuperCat outfit dreaming of all the hairballs I was going to randomly deposit later.

And then Zoe came over and started making fun of me. I gave her a good smack and she left. BRAT!


IndyPindy said...

At least your humans picked a cool costume! I can tell that in that last picture you had just given Zoe a good smack, you looked pretty annoyed! My mom was sick on Halloween so I didn't get dressed up in a costume this year...whew!

Daisy Ditzy Do said...

You are one handsome superhero Simba.