Saturday, January 21, 2006


Um, due to the lack of opposable thumbs, I accidently selected some weird option in the comments section of the settings. Apparently it blocked your comments from showing. Sorry about that, I've enlisted the help of someone with thumbs and the problem has been solved.

Thank you for your comments!


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Zoe's day

It's been such a trying day for me.

I've been meowing hysterically at my Mom all morning. She kept calling me over with that annoying clucking sound. She can be so dense. I mean, you'd think after years and years of training she would understand what I'm trying to say! Anyway, I've been frantically running from her to my hideout in an attempt to get her attention and she's been ignoring me! That incessant typing at her computer combined with ignoring me (who does she think she is, anyway?) really got on my nerves so I finally let out a loud scream. hehehe THAT got her attention.

When she came over to see what was freaking me out, she finally saw Simba in my hideout (one of many). You see, this purple box under the fish tank this is my special hiding place that I can go to when people scare me. And nobody makes me get out either! Mom told me they would only make me get out if it was an emergency and since they haven't pulled me out yet, I know I can trust them.

Anyway...Simba was in my hideout for the first time ever. And you know the only reason he was in there was because he could. He knows it's my hideout. I am the skittish one with bad nerves, not him! I tried asking him nicely, but he wouldn't leave. He pretended he didn't hear me! THE NERVE OF THAT ORANGE JERK!

There's something oddly familiar about my hideout, but I can't quite place my paw on it. Oh well, it's probably not bad. I have a really bad memory and attention span...oh look there's my feather and our Nerf ball!! It's great for rabbit-footing when you lie on your back.

Simba finally left after making me wait for eternity. I taught him a lesson by slapping him and then running around the house really fast. He's too slow and can never catch me - yeah, I like to push my athleticism in his face. Jerk.

Me and my Dad

He has the best lap and knows how to hold a cat. Considering I sleep from 14-18 hours a day, it's important to have several good places to sleep. Sleeping on Dad is definitely one of my favorite thing to do.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Black Rob

Simba here...

Last night Dad was playing a video game, I think it was True Crime: New York City. Anyway, this music started playing in one of the cars and it FREAKED ME OUT! I ran out of the room and hid in the closet. In fact, every single time this song comes on, I run and hide. Then I hear Mom and Dad talking about my big eyes with fully dilated pupils.

I'm not sure why Whoa, by Black Rob, makes me so nervous. It hits a nerve! True, it's rather annoying. But why do you think it does this to me?

If you want to listen to a portion of it, you can do it here.

Everytime that song plays, I run into the bedroom and hide. As soon as the song is over, I come out and look around cautiously and then I'm edgy for the rest of the day. I don't know. Something just doesn't feel right. Has this ever happened to you? Humans just don't get it. :(