Saturday, December 09, 2006

Just a reminder: hate hate hate Black Rob!

Mom was reading through my blog today and saw an old post about my hating Black Rob. So she played some of his music, if that's what you want to call it, to see if I still felt that way.

YES, YES I DO. I hid in the closet to get away from it! I hate his "music!" It's awful!

It's twenty minutes later and I'm still edgey. My ears won't stop twitching and I could swear there's something spooky in the room. I feel like scratching someone's eyes out! Yeah Black Rob, that'll give you something to WHOA about!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Man and his Cat

Remote in hand, football on tv. What more can we ask for?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

Yet another blanket to sleep on

Yesterday Aunt Faythe sent us a homemade plaid blanket all the way from Spokane! The colors are awful bright but I love it! And yarn!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nip attack!

I think the following photos are self explanatory.

That's me sitting on our favorite paper bag. We were feeling pretty good after all the nip! - Zoe

I got in trouble

I was mad. I don't remember why, I just remember...I was mad. So, I peed on mom and dad's bed.
Let's just say it was not received very well. I had to hide behind my blanket on the cat tree for a while.

Monday, October 16, 2006

One of our favorite things to do

We have a strict daily routine. For example, every morning before our 11:00 nap, we sit in the window and look outside at the birds, people and other cats wandering around. The best times are when the birds hang out in the bushes next to the window and then walk out on the balcony.

It's scary when people walk up close to the window and poke at us though. This is how we look at people who get too close to the window:

When the sun's out, which is most of the time, we crawl through the slats of the blinds and absorb as much heat as possible.

Sure, the blinds are pretty loud, since they're metal. Simba seems to think if we sneak through slowly, there's less noise. But I prefer to just throw myself at the blinds and get it over with.

Simba's not very good at updating the blog, I think I'll be taking over for a while.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

WARNING: humans may find the following image a bit graphic

Humans are so finicky. I mean, a cat just lays out a beautiful piece of hairball art like this and GEEZE, the people get all crazy and freaked out! hehehehe!!

We played innocent as Dad pointed it out. Me saying,"Whoa! What's this? Where'd it come from??" And Zoe's, "Who dat?!" We're pro's! We know exactly how innocent to act and how to flick our tails and walk away like it's nothing.

We deserve an Oscar for this performance!

-Simba and Zoe, partners in crime.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Our Mom sent us this picture of some cat named Jojo. Apparently she is as soft as silk! I'm not sure what she means by this. Does she not see my picture below where I'm obviously lacking a masseuse??? I am the one that is as soft as silk! I am the one that needs attention. I'm not sure how I'm going to last the week!!


Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Stop staring, get your ass over here and start my massage, NOW BEYOTCH! (I miss my Mom, she's on vacation in Spokane.)


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Goodbye Adonis

It's with our heads hung in shame that we announce the departure of our recent housemate, Adonis. The humans got freaked out when I, Simba, tried to hurt him. (Don't worry, there was no actual physical contact.) In my defense, he made some rude comments about Zoe, who refused to come out of hiding and chased me around the apartment first.

We've learned that he now has an even better home, one with something like five rooms and friendly cats that welcome him with open paws. Zoe and I are a bit jealous since this new home is better than ours. He's living in luxury and we're stuck here in this one bedroom apartment! MEOWARRR!

Sorry we couldn't make it work!

-Simba and Zoe

Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's hot

The heat feels good though. Instead of curling up together or lying in the sun, we can just stretch out anywhere.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Finally, a new scratcher!

We got a new cardboard scratcher today! As soon as Mom took the plastic wrapper off and before it was even laying flat on the ground, both of us started attacking it and scratching it like crazy.

There's nothing better than a good whiff of catnip after a long nap. I just love the nip!

This is how I lay on the scratcher after I've exhausted myself from catnip whiffing, taking a poo, running around the apartment, well, you get the idea.

- Simba

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Surprise? You bet!

Something bad happened this morning. Adonis chased me all over the apartment making Dad yell at us and waking Mom up! She woke up from a dead sleep on the couch and tried to grab Adonis, but he was too quick and sleek for her sleepy hands.

I was really surprised, I don't know why he chased me. All I did was sniff his door! OK, I also opened it with my paw to look in, that's when he started chasing me all over and knocking things down and causing a big commotion! I could swear Dad was throwing things at us too. Later he complained, "I broke my remote." Well, serves him right! I just feel bad for Zoe, considering she has that nervous condition.

Zoe refuses to come out of hiding. When he first started chasing me, she ran into the closet and has not been seen since then. I think I heard her in there, but I don't know where she is exactly.

Hopefully she'll come out soon. I mean, it's been almost four hours now and she's still in seculsion. Damn women!

This is what she looks like when she's relaxed, a rare moment.

It only took me about 20 minutes to come out of hiding myself. After I inspected the apartment, I was back to my usual self.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Hi, I'm Adonis, the "surprise."

I'm living in Simba and Zoe's house. Actually, I hide in a cupboard in their house. They scare me. They're always hissing at me. Actually, Simba hisses at me and Zoe hisses at Simba. I don't know why they don't like me. :(

So I live in the cupboard until night when they're locked away with the people. This gives me the opportunity to stretch my legs and run all over the place. One night, I managed to flip the rug over in the livingroom. I wish I could have been there to see the look on everyone's faces when they saw the mess I created!

Last week I finally realized the brown guy was cool. I remember the night, there were a lot of loud booming sounds outside. I kept hearing scary sounds but the brown guy was really soothing to me. He brought me my nightly plate of soft food, pet me gently and tried to explain "fireworks" to me. For the first time ever, I came out and opened up. It was great being myself!

Turns out it was a great idea. Brown guy gave me a lot of pets and even brushed me. It was like heaven! I hadn't realized how much I missed human contact. Even scared kitties like me need love!

Now every night I make sure to show my appreciation to brown guy. He scratches me in the right places, rubs my ears, and massages my stiff muscles. I even let the girl pick me up and pet me sometimes. This morning was really embarassing though. She picked me up twice and each time I farted! I acted casual and tried to pretend like it was nothing. Thank god for fur, nobody can see me blush! It's probably all this soft food, I'm still getting used to it.

Now if only the other cats in the house would realize I'm no threat. I just want to sleep my share of the day away, eat and get pet once in a while. Is that too much to ask for?

Friday, June 23, 2006


Adonis: Where am I? Do I smell other cats? Where's my litterbox?

Simba: WTF?!

Zoe: HISSSSSSSSSSSSSHISSSSSSSS SIMBA GET AWAY FROM ME HISSSSSSSSSSSS (Zoe removed quickly to the "Time Out Room" aka bedroom)

Simba: I said, "WTF?!"

Simba: !!! (hides on top shelf in closet)

Simba: .

Adonis: I'm a sweet, gentle kitty. Why don't you want to talk to me?? I guess I'll sleep all night by myself in the house under the cat tree.

Zoe: HISSSSSS SIMBA HISSSS BACK OFF! (Zoe hiding between curtain and blinds in window on cat shelf)

(Complete story to be told here tonight)

Thursday, June 22, 2006


We can't wait! Mom said there's going to be a surprise for us tonight. We're pretty excited, we'll have to sleep extra hours in preparation of our surprise!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fathers Day!

My Dad is pretty cool. Since he's a cool guy, me and Zoe talked Mom into buying him a grill. It wasn't meant to be a Fathers Day gift, but the timing is pretty good so we'll just say it is.

When he got it, I immediately started inspecting it. The lid is pretty cool. I think it would make a nice bed.

The grill itself is a lot bigger than we expected. This is isn't the top grill, this is the bottom one where the charcoal sits. Even it is huge!

Assembling the Weber grill was pretty easy. He only needed to attach the legs, wheels and ash can.

Attaching the frame for the ash can was the hardest part. And even that didn't take much time.

Ta da!

The new grill set up on the patio next to the smoker. As you can see, the smoker has had some use. It's also suffered some damage from condensation and rain. Obviously we don't get much of that here in SD but that's besides the point. :)

The good part about having a new grill is it's used almost every day now. This means Dad'll be walking past the catnip several times a day and will bring some in for us! Ahhh catnip!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Small accomplishment? No way!

This morning I threw up on the bed right next to my dad's face. He woke up cause he heard the yacking sound I make when hurling a hairball. I couldn't help it, I was frozen in time, my eyes about to pop out of my head, my tongue sticking straight out of my mouth - this hairball was well on its way! It was a do or die sort of situation.

While I feel bad because I threw up next to the face of the person I love most in this world, Zoe and I think this one deserves a score of 12 out of 10. Yes, you read right. 12. Not so much for quality of the hairball but for the delivery, timing and placement. I have to admit it myself, it takes balls to do such a thing. And since I am ball-less (my memory of this occassion is clouded), this in itself is an amazing feat.

I've spent most of my day congratulating myself by biting Zoe and slapping at her when I can. A few times I even bared my belly at her in a dare - of course she's too chicken to take that dare. Or should I say, I got lucky. Either way, with my 12 noted on the calendar, I am feeling pretty well accomplished.

If only humans could learn to appreciate the little things in life. It's interesting how they can accomplish something that was nearly impossible and then later downplay it like it was nothing and then mope around about how they don't have anything to show for their life. If only they would look at the small accomplishments rather than the whole picture.

In fact, humans might be happier if they stopped comparing themselves to other people and thinking so much about things like, "Where am I, what am I doing, why am I 30-something with nothing to show" and started appreciating the small feats in their lives. Like a well placed hairball.


Today mom and dad are cleaning off the patio in preparation of summer grilling and growing plants. They gave us some grass and catnip to eat.

Zoe ate a bunch and then threw up.

Is she bulimic?

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ice cream...yum!

Like any ghetto cat, I will eat pretty much anything as long as I see you eating it. I'm sure that if you're eating it, it's OK for me too. I hate camera flashes though. HATE ARGH!

Simba, on the other hand, is a finicky eater. Dad calls him a gentleman when it comes to eating and drinking. Oh sure, he likes ice cream, but he's very calm and collected about it. He usually likes to sniff it first just to be sure it's vanilla. He won't eat any other flavor.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Fish TV

One of my new hobbies is watching FishTV. I can sit for hours and stare at the fish. I think the Danios taunt me on purpose, quickly swimming back and forth in front of me like little crack addicts.

I even have my bed set up in front of the aquarium so I can watch Fish TV-On Demand in between naps. I've even tried to get into the aquarium but without any success. I guess I'll just have to sit back and imagine the chewy little fish snacks that I'm missing out on. *sigh*

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Another thing I'm afraid of...

Wind breakers! You know, the kind of pants that are water proof and make noise when you walk! That's right People, you know what I'm talking about!! My Dad was wearing a pair the other day and they FREAKED ME OUT!

At first when I heard The Pants, I fluffed up my tail, got a mohawk down my back and ran away. I sat at a distance and stared at him. I mean, I knew it was my Dad but he was wearing some scary pants! I wanted to lay in his lap but every time he made a move, that sound grated on my nerves and freaked me out. So I kept my distance and stared. Damn those pants!

My lips are black

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Um, due to the lack of opposable thumbs, I accidently selected some weird option in the comments section of the settings. Apparently it blocked your comments from showing. Sorry about that, I've enlisted the help of someone with thumbs and the problem has been solved.

Thank you for your comments!


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Zoe's day

It's been such a trying day for me.

I've been meowing hysterically at my Mom all morning. She kept calling me over with that annoying clucking sound. She can be so dense. I mean, you'd think after years and years of training she would understand what I'm trying to say! Anyway, I've been frantically running from her to my hideout in an attempt to get her attention and she's been ignoring me! That incessant typing at her computer combined with ignoring me (who does she think she is, anyway?) really got on my nerves so I finally let out a loud scream. hehehe THAT got her attention.

When she came over to see what was freaking me out, she finally saw Simba in my hideout (one of many). You see, this purple box under the fish tank this is my special hiding place that I can go to when people scare me. And nobody makes me get out either! Mom told me they would only make me get out if it was an emergency and since they haven't pulled me out yet, I know I can trust them.

Anyway...Simba was in my hideout for the first time ever. And you know the only reason he was in there was because he could. He knows it's my hideout. I am the skittish one with bad nerves, not him! I tried asking him nicely, but he wouldn't leave. He pretended he didn't hear me! THE NERVE OF THAT ORANGE JERK!

There's something oddly familiar about my hideout, but I can't quite place my paw on it. Oh well, it's probably not bad. I have a really bad memory and attention span...oh look there's my feather and our Nerf ball!! It's great for rabbit-footing when you lie on your back.

Simba finally left after making me wait for eternity. I taught him a lesson by slapping him and then running around the house really fast. He's too slow and can never catch me - yeah, I like to push my athleticism in his face. Jerk.