Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Caught red pawed! (or orange?)

Well, I was finally caught this morning. I think Mom and Dad have finally realized that we cats are indeed smarter than they are! See, each night when the family (humans and cats alike) goes to bed, I lay next to Dad for about 5 minutes, then I leave the room. His assumption was just that I preferred to sleep in one of my beds in the living room.

Me kneading the blankets making Mom and Dad believe I was comfortable on their bed. Genius!!

Well this morning I was so tired I didn't hear him rustling around in the livingroom and I didn't have time to sneak away from my new sleeping spot. By the time I realized he was awake, he was already in the kitchen. Let's just say that his belief that I never walk on the counter was found to be a big fat lie, especially since he caught me slinking quietly out of the cupboard! Yes it's true, I love sleeping in the cupboard right next to the bowls or glasses, wherever I can squeeze in. It's just so nice and dark and high up!

I'm not sure how I'm going to manage it again, hopefully he'll forget about it tonight and I'll be able to pry those cupboard doors open again with my incredibly strong paws! Even if the cupboards are closed too tight, I'm sure I'll find a new place. It'll also be in a place Mom and Dad never suspect.

What unusual places do you guys sleep in?