Saturday, August 19, 2006

Goodbye Adonis

It's with our heads hung in shame that we announce the departure of our recent housemate, Adonis. The humans got freaked out when I, Simba, tried to hurt him. (Don't worry, there was no actual physical contact.) In my defense, he made some rude comments about Zoe, who refused to come out of hiding and chased me around the apartment first.

We've learned that he now has an even better home, one with something like five rooms and friendly cats that welcome him with open paws. Zoe and I are a bit jealous since this new home is better than ours. He's living in luxury and we're stuck here in this one bedroom apartment! MEOWARRR!

Sorry we couldn't make it work!

-Simba and Zoe


Derby said...

what is important is that Adonis is in a good home. Purrs to all.

paw search said...

Awwwww......that is very understandable!

and besides you know what they say, "three's a crowd"!