Monday, November 28, 2005

Diva or Princess?

I love being massaged. It's one of the four things I require to live a life of comfort:

--Talk to me

This morning I meowed as shrilly and loudly as I could until I got someone's attention. The reward was a nice long massage. Unfortunately, I ended up getting static from it, but it was definitely worth it.

Mom says I'm a princess, but this other human she talks to a lot (she really cuts into my massage time), Faythe, says I'm a diva. What's the difference anyway? Does it really matter as long as I get attention, plenty of choice food and the #1 Sleeping Spot in the house?

Listen, I am a beautiful, shiney, nubian feline of the female persuasion. I demand respect. And I demand attention. Now I have to admit, I'm scared of a lot of things. A knock at the door. A shoe that suddenly appears where it wasn't yesterday. A plastic bag that makes noise. Or a foot that touches me when I walk by. Yes it's true, I have fragile, sensitive nerves that react with a limber if not taut spring into the air. Simba even called me a "Scaredy Cat" once! Mom thinks it may have something to do with having a feral momma for the first month of my life or being abandoned by a cruel human in a city alley at the tenderest of years. The background of my infancy is still a mystery to everyone so we really don't know why I am a delicate and nervous kitty.

All I know is if I have approved of you, after coming out of hiding of course, and have decided to grace you with my presence, I expect attention. And a lot of it. Just don't make any sudden moves.

I may have to resort to the loud bitchy meow again after the static wears off. I need another massage after all this typing.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Man elevated to "Dad"

I love him so much, I've decided to honor him with the new title, "Dad." Zoe is soooo jealous.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Orange begets orange

I threw up yesterday. Something I ate really upset my stomach. It could have been the cheap catfood (I insist on good quality hard food, but the cheaper the canned food, the better) or it could have been that crunchy piece of plastic. Not sure. Either way, my puke was orange.

Well, by the time Girl found it, the orange goo had stained the carpet. She knew it was me because my fur was mixed in with it. I tell you, fur always gives a cat a way, ya know? Anyway, every time I walk by that spot on the carpet right in the walkway in front of the tv, I have to stop and sniff it. It sorta freaks me out; I keep forgetting that I caused the stain! Zoe and I are still discussing whether or not it is worth hairball points.

Girl keeps talking about some sort of stain remover. Is there such a thing? Will my stain hold? Only time will tell.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

SuperCat photo session

Oh, um, we forgot to post the photos from Halloween. Overall, I have to say the experience was not that bad. I really liked my costume. At least this is what I told myself while I posed for the photos and secretly plotted my revenge. If you read the Hairball Score just below on October 31st, you'll know how I seek my revenge. Oh yes. Revenge.

Oh wait, is that meowing I hear? Is someone meowing for help? Nope, just a cat food commercial. HISSS!

Check out my cape. Groovy. Meanwhile, I'm trying to decide if I need to do any more licking to make hairball or if I have enough fur built up.

Damn, I'm gorgeous!

Just look at me!!

After the photo session I got some good pets in.

I layed around for a while with my SuperCat outfit dreaming of all the hairballs I was going to randomly deposit later.

And then Zoe came over and started making fun of me. I gave her a good smack and she left. BRAT!

Kitty Yin - Yang

It's been pretty cold lately so I've been allowing Zoe to sleep with me in the cat tree. The one with the blanket (yeah, that's right...we've got two). Girl learned real quick that we won't sleep in it without the blanket. We'd both rather sit on the never-used second shelf than sleep in the bowl on top without the blanket.

Being that we're So Cal ghetto cats, we're not used to weather that dips below 60 degree's. We hear rumors from passing birds that it can get colder, but whatever! What do they know?? Their brains are smaller than ours!

Anyway, so The Brat aka Zoe usually manages to squeeze her way into my bed. First, she jumps in with me and wakes me up. This makes me pretty grouchy. I hate it when she wakes me up during a good snooze! But then she makes up for it by licking my head. It feels pretty good! As long as she doesn't lick too long, I'll let her stick around. She knows that if she doesn't stop, I'll lay a strangle hold on her along with a good bite. After we get nice and warm, we'll both stretch out like Yin - Yang Cats.

Don't worry, we're both really comfortable. I know it doesn't look like it but we are. This one is pretty funny, look how my face is squished under Zoe. Actually, I did this on purpose. I always like to cover my eyes when the lights are on.

It takes a lot of sleeping to get the energy to post. Man, I need a nap!