Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Orange begets orange

I threw up yesterday. Something I ate really upset my stomach. It could have been the cheap catfood (I insist on good quality hard food, but the cheaper the canned food, the better) or it could have been that crunchy piece of plastic. Not sure. Either way, my puke was orange.

Well, by the time Girl found it, the orange goo had stained the carpet. She knew it was me because my fur was mixed in with it. I tell you, fur always gives a cat a way, ya know? Anyway, every time I walk by that spot on the carpet right in the walkway in front of the tv, I have to stop and sniff it. It sorta freaks me out; I keep forgetting that I caused the stain! Zoe and I are still discussing whether or not it is worth hairball points.

Girl keeps talking about some sort of stain remover. Is there such a thing? Will my stain hold? Only time will tell.


IndyPindy said...

Hmmm, I would say that since there was hair mixed in with it, it should count as a small hairball. It was involuntary, but the placement could not have been better!

Karyn said...

probably too late for taht crisis, but i've used some multi-purpose cleaner "white lightning" that works great on getting stains out of the carpet. orange cat barf is gone with jsut a wet sponge and some of that product. i found it in the grocery store with the other cleaning products.