Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Zoe - Go ahead and try to make me!!

Uh, yeah, right. So as Simba was pointing out earlier, we have Halloween costumes. This is how I feel about it:

That bitch! I'd like to see her try to make me wear it too! I'll be sure to have my claws sharpened just before Halloween. Oh yes...I'm seething with anticipation on this one.


Cupcake said...

Zoe- that look is classic.
Simba- wait till she's actually knitting and THEN steal the yarn. It's much more effective.

Great blog- I'll be back!

Daisy Ditzy Do said...

OMG Zoe! The nerve of girl human! I can't believe her.
Just out of curiosity do you know where she got the costume.

Simba and Zoe said...

Oh, HISSSSSSS I didn't know you humans left comments!! Sorry Daisy. Apparently she got these costumes at Joann's with a coupon. BEEYOOOOOOOOTCH!

Thanks Cupcake! Simba wanted to tell you "thanks for the tip." I wasn't going to but he has my neck in a vice grip until I type this out. (bastard!)