Tuesday, September 06, 2005

he's home!!

hi, it's me - simba. ok, so i know this isn't the greatest introductory post for you humans, but i know all cats out there will agree that one of the bestest moments in a cats day is when a missing human appears after a long absence.

you see, i was getting pretty worried about boy-humans absence. i mean, ok... girl-human was doing a pretty good job and making sure we had plenty of food and filtered water. sure, she made sure we got our daily massage and special soft food each night on schedule and our poop box was clean (although there was one night when it wasn't so clean, but i taught her a lesson and pee'd on her bed).

life has been uneventful. me and my sister zoe slept all day, i bit her a few times, we ate and pooped. but that's it. sorry, but it was boring. when girl-human finally got home from wherever she spent her days, there wasn't that much time left in the day to pet me like i need to be pet. i'm talking, serious pets and massages. and i need to be looked in the eye while you do it. yes, i'm that kind of cat.

i was getting pretty annoyed when girl-human would push me away from her monitor - mean, what gives? i need attention! doesn't she see that? who does she think she is?? i don't know why she got upset when i pushed things off the desk. really, i was doing her a favor so she could massage me better.

anyway, boy-human suddenly appeared tonight! i don't know where he was either. he smells funny! i'm still not sure what all the smells mean, but i'll get to the bottom of it tonight when i can investigate his luggage after he goes to sleep.

meanwhile, when he first came home i made sure i got pet right away. man, i sure do love him. he's my most favorite human in the world. besides, he knows how to treat a cat right. with utter devotion and attention...yeah, he knows his place.


aimee said...

Wait, you have TWO humans?!?!

-Buddy (using his human's login - she doesn't even try to hide the password... hehehe)

Jojo said...

When my humans come home, I like to take a flying leap at their legs and bite them! Later on I'll be nice and snuggle into their chins, but the attacking always comes first!

The Rat said...

Hmph! I always make sure I have my treat first, THEN I get on their laps and make lots of biscuits, and drool if they've been gone for a really long time.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Wow ... That's definitely the stuff. You've gotta get your pets in while the gettin' is good. I find that aggressive head-butting leads to a plethora of good pets.
DaisyMae Maus