Thursday, September 15, 2005


Girl human has this weird obsession with knitting. Good thing for me! Cause I LOVE yarn! I put yarn up there with the top five must haves:

1- food
2- massage
3- litter box (must be clean or I will pee on your bed)
4- fleece to sleep on
5- yarn

So today girl human was wandering around taking pictures of our mutual obsession for her blog. I guess she wasn't happy with the first picture (something to do with the background and color absorption) and was trying various backgrounds. Finally, she took a photo she liked and left the four balls of yumminess alone in the bedroom.

MUWAHAHAHAAAAA! precious yarn. When she came back into the bedroom to retrieve the yarn, she found me with it. I tried to act like nothing was going on. I was cool, man, cool.

But..upon closer inspection she noticed there was a ball missing. EEEE!!

I was distracted by an unintelligible-to-human-ears sound from the living room and didn't notice she had discovered my hiding spot and had started pulling the yarn ball out from under me. grrrr! I stuck out a paw in a half hearted attempt to protect my prize, but that sound...what was it!?? I could NOT concentrate! I was really hoping it was food related (see #1 in list).

And THEN I saw Zoe...she was hiding up in the closet on the top shelf, trying to be sneaky. At last, I found her new hiding spot!! She is such a brat, using her nifty black fur to blend in with her hiding spots. Sometimes I hate her and bite her neck.

While I was imagining biting Zoe's neck, Girl started taking all the yarn away! No, not my precious yarn! I LOVE YOU!

You see, this yarn is special. It's made of bamboo! YEAH! Bamboo yarn! You have NO idea!

As you can see my desperate attempts were in vain.

I'm telling you... I get no respect around here, none at all.


Daisy Ditzy Do said...

Poor Simba. Keep your wits about you. She'll leave the yarn unattended again. Good luck.

Jojo said...

Next time she does that, you should just bite her! That's what I'd do!

The Rat said...

Once I sit on something, my parents can't get to it because I'm so big. If YOU were that big and beautiful, then you'd be able to do the same thing, Simba! Too bad you're just a skinny orange kitty! Pfft!

HanktheDog said...

Dogs love a good yarn, too. Better yet are spinkler hoses! Thanks for the comment on my site.

Simba and Zoe said...

Rat- I left you a nice little present in the litter box. You'll have to dig for it though. -Simba