Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Food review: Sheba and Fancy Feast

Yesterday Dad gave us soft food all day long without Mom knowing until it was too late. See, that's what we like about him. He gives us the good stuff while Mom says we can only have a spoonful each night. One of the cans they bought, which was actually a Friskies flavor that we always like, has already been consumed so we won't be able to review it here. Never fear, we a bunch more cans to go and Mom says she'll buy more next week!

The entree of choice tonight was Sheba's Ocean Seafood Cocktail with Sauce.

It looks like chunks with a sauce. Is that a clam or oyster?? What the....

Look, I waited patiently yet eagerly for this food but when I looked at it and took one whiff, I ran away. I almost knocked Mom down while she squated near me to take my picture. Zoe didn't waste any time either. Dad even brought her back but she ran away.

I was so annoyed that I sat in a near by chair and chewed on my nails. Anything is better than that food!!

Zoe sulked under the chair. Mom left the food down for about 2o minutes to see if we'd change our minds but NO WAY!

Finally, she cleaned out the dishes and got a second can of food out, Friskies Fancy Feast Ocean Whitefish & Tuna. I could tell that this food was more like our style! We don't really dig that stuff with chunks or sauce on it.

As soon as Mom put down the dishes, we got to business. The subtle aroma of the fish wafted over us as we gulped it down. It didn't take long to clean our bowls!

Afterwards, I groomed myself and fell asleep. Zoe went to bed in her cat tree. Our vote? The Fancy Feast won by far!!


Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Fancy Feast is usually our choice in stinky goodness, too.

If you can find it someplace, you might want to try Merricks or Pet Promise. The Food Source has to order them and have them shipped in, so we don't get them too often. But they disappear pretty quick when he puts them down for us.

Kimo & Sabi said...

WOWy - you guys should be food critics!

aimee said...

Hey, I love anything to do with seafood. When mom opens a can of tuna, I cry REALLY LOUD until she gives me some. And I have to say, I loved the Sheba Seafood stuff! Sure, the little oysters threw me at first, but they aren't bad!
Buddy hates wet food. He pawed at it a bit and then licked it from his paws, but couldn't bring himself to eat it straight. Mom even heated it up a little to see if he would like it more.

I like it.

-gracie (using mom's login)

World of Animals, Inc. said...

Thanks for sharing the review of the food you both tried out. We love the photos of you two enjoying the delicious dinner. Love seeing you after a nice big meal having to take a cat nap. So cute. Have a wonderful weekend.
World of Animals