Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I love to play fetch!

Tonight Mom found one of my mice under the couch. Once I realized she had it, I meowed until she threw the mouse over and over again.

Here I am sitting patiently with loud intermittent meows waiting for her to throw the mouse between fetches. Simba doesn't understand my passion for fetching the mouse!

I always bring the mouse back just out of reach of Mom or Dad. I can bring it closer but I do this to prove a point. And I think all of us cats know exactly what point I'm talking about!

Simba doesn't want to play, he just stares. But I know he really wants to join in on the fun, he's just too stuffy to actually go for it. Frankly I think he's too "big boned" to play fetch.

At one point I was jumping up and down with the mouse in my mouth in an attempt to provoke Simba into playing.

I don't know where the mouse is now (I suspect Mom hid it just after she made a fake throwing motion) but I'll find it...oh yes, I will! It's probably with the bag full of mice she has hidden somewhere. I'll just have to wait until she goes to sleep and then sniff around until I find them!


Karen Jo said...

Playing fetch is lots of fun. I don't know why Simba didn't want to join in. I hope you find your mousie again.

feralone said...

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I would look under your refrigerator or stove, that is where all our furry mice end up!

The Crew said...

I love to play mousie! I'll come over this afternoon and bring a few of mine, OK?

Your friend