Wednesday, May 23, 2007

7 Random Things About Simba

The Rat just tagged us! I'm practicing my Pimping skillz and have just pushed Zoe out of the way so I can type up this meme:

1) I love trucks. Whenever a big truck drives by, I run to the bedroom window and stare out. My favorite is street cleaners.

2) I don't like people petting me when I'm sleeping. If someone pets me, I'll give them the stink eye.

3) The only soft food I eat is Friskies. And ONLY Ocean Whitefish Dinner or Ocean Whitefish with Tuna. And nothing froo froo like gravy.

4) The tip of my tail feels like the bone is sticking out. It also feels like it was broken once a half inch from the end. It was like that when I came home to live with my Mom.

5) I have freckles in my mouth, on my toe pads and in my ears.

6) Catnip is OK. I'd rather just roll around on it than eat it.

7) When Dad calls me and points, I know he's telling me to go look at whatever he's pointing at. Usually he's pointing at birds outside on the fence or on the patio pavement.

If you're reading this, you've been tagged!

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