Monday, October 31, 2005

What is this Halloween thing?

Our memory is pretty short so we really don't remember much past last weeks food allotments (which was pretty small - humans are so damn stingy). Anyway, apparently tonight was some sort of "dress up and scare the little kids" night. At least that's what we heard boy-human saying. It really took us by surprise. I mean, he had this THING on his face! It really scares the crap out of me. I don't like it and don't want it around.

I hate this mask. It scared the hairballs right out of me!

Zoe didn't care for it much either. She was smarter than me though. Whenever she saw boy-human with the mask, she would run away. Damn her and her sleek, fast moving body!! I can never get away, I aways get caught!

Here's Zoe doing her world-renowned impression of "A Cat that Doesn't Want To Be Picked Up." Note the positioning of her legs as she's getting ready to push off his chest.

She is so athletic. I hate her! I must go bite her now.

I thought it was weird how he kept saying how much he likes kids and thinks they're cute. If he likes them, why did he keep scaring them? I just don't get humans. They're so complicated! Speaking of humans, Girl put clothes on us!! YEAH! I'll load those pics later. I just saw a can of catfood being taken from the fridge.

Food always takes precedence over blogging.

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